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Unwined Candles - Updates & Information!!

January 31, 2013


Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve updated! Ever since our wonderful experience
at the CMA’s we’ve been busy, busy – in the best way possible. The holidays came
and went in a flash – our craziest time so far – and things have just now begun to
settle down a little bit. With the hustle and bustle of December behind us, we have
been able to sit back for a second and truly take this all in. Our lives have been changed
in ways we never expected. Not only have we seen growth and success but we’ve
met some awesome and unforgettable people over this past year. So let us take a
moment and say, “THANK YOU!” to our awesome costumers and dear friends. We
wouldn’t be where we are today without you, and we can’t wait to see what the
future holds!

Just a few updates before we get back to work: Last Saturday we had a fundraiser
for a dear family friend and an important member of our community, the owner of
Habib’s Kabob and Bagel Café, who is battling Lymphoma. We made 110 candles to
be sold at Habib’s Kabob from 9 am – 2 pm. We are so happy to say that we SOLD
OUT within an hour and a half! It was an unbelievable experience and we were so
happy to donate 100% of the profit to a fund set up for him and his family to help
take care of medical bills and extraneous expenses. THANK YOU to everyone who
came out to support the Rahimis. It meant so much.

With the success of our Holiday flavors, we have begun to work on our upcoming
SPRING flavors line. Yes, that’s right! Spring will be here before you know it….be on
the look out for several new flavors in the next few months! Can’t wait for you to
smell them!

One last thing to share….we normally don’t brag but there are two people in
particular who think that Unwined Candles are THE BEST on the market! True,
they’re only 2 and a half…and they might be a little biased (coughownerskidscough),
but they happen to have impeccable taste, so we thought we’d take this opportunity
to gloat. These boys know their candles….sniffing machines!! Oh, and aren’t they
the cutest? (we might be a little biased, too!)

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