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Mikah's Record Setting USA National Parks Journey - Promoting youth and diversity involvement for "America's Best Idea."

Support Mikah's journey by using discount code "TBCMIKAH" at checkout - Providing 40% of your purchase price towards his expenses.

What is your dream? Do you have a life goal you wish you'd undertaken?

 When 19-year-old Mikah Meyer lost his 58-year-old father to cancer, he wanted to honor the retirement his road trip loving father never got.

So since age 19, Mikah has taken an annual road trip. We at Unwined Candles love his story, so we are partnering to help Mikah reach one of his life dreams--and complete his biggest road trip yet:

A 1,116-day journey to all 400+ U.S. national parks to promote youth / diversity involvement for the National Park System!

Beginning April 29, 2016--the 11th anniversary of his father's passing and also the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service--Mikah will live out of our Unwined Candles van until he's experienced all 410 U.S. national parks, completing the journey at the Lincoln Memorial on May 19, 2019--the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Conservation Association.

How can you help?

A journey of this magnitude takes a lot of resources, which is why Unwined Candles is providing 40% of every purchase made using the checkout Promo Code: "TBCMikah" to support Mikah's journey. And stay tuned for special candle scents inspired by Mikah's national park visits!

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The more people know about Mikah's record attempt, the more Unwined Candles can help him through purchases made with the TBCMikah promo code. Help spread the word and.... 

Hashtag the van - #TBCMikah - when you see it on the road!

Did you see Mikah on the road? Was Mikah recently in your area? Snap a picture of the Unwined Candles van, or re-post from Mikah's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share it on your social media with this page link and a #TBCMikah so we can keep up with all the amazing places our van is going! 

Want to know more?

Want to read the amazing story of how Mikah and Unwined Candles met? Check it out here on Mikah's blog. 

Where is Mikah now? 

Mikah is documenting his entire journey on his blog Travel Beyond Convention at
On this site you'll find a resource to help YOU experience the national parks, a blog of his journey thus far, and the ability to support or contact Mikah directly!

From both Mikah and Unwined Candles, "Thank You!" for helping make this journey possible!

Be sure to follow Mikah on his impressive journey through the following social media links.